About Us

We are a group of autistic and similarly neurodivergent people who believe we do better in dedicated neurodivergent spaces: designed, built and run by us for us.

We co-produce projects and services across work, social, health and wellbeing. We focus on creative, cultural and community-building activities that make a long-term difference to the people we serve, aiming for:

  • increased independence and autonomy,
  • better community visibility, participation and inclusion,
  • improved economic, health and longevity outcomes.

Our primary focus is supporting autistic people without additional intellectual disability, both pre- and post-diagnosis, including those who are self-diagnosed.

Our community do not normally receive support or services but many of us struggle with securing and sustaining meaningful work and relationships, experiencing much poorer rates of employment and worse health outcomes than our neurotypical peers.

Suicide is a leading cause of early death for autistic people.

Suicide rates for autistic adults without intellectual disability are nine times the UK average; for autistic women, this rises to thirteen times more than for non-autistic women. There’s no intrinsic reason why. It’s not OK.

Less than 30% of autistic people are in employment.

There are a significant number of autism-related charities and non-profits in the UK, but very few are autistic-led. Many of these charities spend a large amounts of money on “awareness” yet the statistics on employment and suicide have not changed in over a decade, if anything, they have got worse.

Our Management Team

Our co-Directors have personal and parental lived experience of autism and similar neurodivergences including ADHD, dyspraxia, hypermobility spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.

Allie Knaggs
Jill Finch • EmailLinkedIn

Allie and Jill bring complementary skills and experience from across the private and public sectors.

From business start-up, new product development, creative facilitation and mentoring to project and change management, case work and policy implementation.

Our Project Team

We believe that lived experience is crucial to building successful services that are relevant, cost effective, trusted and well used by the community they serve, delivering on actual not presumed (or most profitable) priorities.

We are grateful to be supported by a talented working group of autistic and similarly neurodivergent people, on a freelance and voluntary basis.

Their passionate commitment on top of day jobs and education; their energy, diverse opinions and conviction have made this collective possible and credible.

Notably, thank you to Jo Brown for our Autistic Youth Hub logo and to Robin Bracken-Kemish and Skye Baker for their broad contribution to our strategy, priorities and working approach.

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