Purpose and Scope

This policy applies to everyone associated with Autistic Community Hub CIC in both physical and digital settings to ensure the safety and well-being of all our members, volunteers, staff, partners and any other participants across all our activities and platforms.

It demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding adults and children and ensures that everyone is aware of:

  • legislation, policy and procedures for safeguarding
  • roles and responsibilities for safeguarding
  • what to do or who to speak to if they have a concern relating to the welfare or wellbeing of an adult or child within the organisation.

Please also see our specific pages on:

Safeguarding Adults

Child Protection


Data Protection

If you have a concern – please use our Safeguarding Report Form here:

Safeguarding Report Form

Recruitment, Training and Awareness

Autistic Community Hub CIC follows safe recruitment procedures when employing staff and volunteers. This includes a DBS check if appropriate.

Safeguarding training will be provided to all staff and volunteers as appropriate, covering both physical and digital environments. Updates and refresher sessions will be delivered as needed to ensure that we all remain alert to evolving risks and challenges.

We will collaborate with local and national safeguarding boards and pertinent authorities, as appropriate. Guidance will be sought when necessary, ensuring adherence to UK regulations for both physical and online interactions.


We will establish clear guidelines and expectations for behaviour, reporting mechanisms, and responsive actions within our digital environments. All members, volunteers and staff are expected to:

  • Treat one another with respect and dignity.
  • Refrain from sharing overly personal and sensitive information.
  • Avoid language or content that is offensive, discriminatory, or harmful.
  • Respect personal boundaries and the privacy of others.

Regular sessions or resources will be shared about online safety, privacy settings, and digital well-being. A team of trained facilitators will actively monitor our online spaces, coaching and reminding members of the appropriate ways to communicate and interact.

Facilitators will also have the authority to remove or mute members who deliberately and/or repeatedly violate our Shared Promise. All facilitators will undergo safeguarding training, including specific considerations for online communities.

The use of bots or automated tools will be utilised to detect and prevent spam, explicit and otherwise harmful content, or any other potential threats.

We will maintain the highest security settings in our online spaces, and regular audits will be conducted to ensure compliance.


This guidance will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains effective and aligned with the needs and aspirations of Autistic Community Hub CIC and its community of members, staff, volunteers and partners.

This policy was last updated March 2024.