What We Do

We create right-sized autistic-led, autistic-majority environments that are safe, self-directed and self-determined for accessibility, inclusion and sustainability.

Most charities and non-profits are focussed on helping autistic people to cope in neurotypical-majority spaces; we enable autistic people to thrive in spaces that are uniquely for them.

Our ongoing conversations, surveys and research show that a significant number of intellectually-typical autistic people believe they would do better working and socialising in autistic-led, autistic-majority spaces.

We believe that exploring and celebrating autistic and neurodivergent culture, identity and intersectionality is integral to us thriving as individuals and a community.

Our Theory of Change

We are working to develop our Theory of Change at an organisational, service and project level and we will always measure the impact of everything we do.

All our initiatives are co-produced, informed by specialist advisory groups of local autistic people who represent the diversity and intersectionality of our community.

We deliberately chose to incorporate as a CIC not a charity as we believe that we should be commercially-minded, revenue-positive and self-sustaining.

Our Approach

We don’t need to be all things. We identify and prioritise projects that offer something unique and different: projects that will bring us growth and experience that we could not easily get elsewhere. 

Before we undertake a project, we define the need – what it is and who will benefit* – and look at the wider local landscape: are we the best people to do this?


We research and analyse existing opportunities available in our area, confirming whether they’re appropriate for our members and if so, we signpost.


Next we reach out to our network of partners to see if someone can help us make this happen. We build partnerships with private and public sector organisations and other VCSEs; from local businesses, colleges and universities to local authorities and the NHS.


If we believe we’re best placed to do so, we scope and define the project ourselves, working with our community. We cost out and prioritise, then we look to secure funding and/or build a revenue model and implement.

* e.g. pan-South London, individual local council, another organisation, our collective, a subset of our members, an individual person…